Wednesday, 16 March 2011

this pic belong when i first went to study in uk edinburgh around 2005..i styed there like for 4 nd half yaers, i had best of time there.. with my best friend. nd someone special.which i snt any more special.. just leaveing there laern so much . its was expeience of it s own . laearn how human lives..i mean al that dram aevry1 have. but seriously something in the air of foreign land. speacily with indain . they get change so much .. you cant even borrow a egg widout thinking of u have return it tommrow. or if u late might u have to pay

 this was first day in london . we stayed at param {sikh dude} brother house ... that yogi. in ormge jummper
 this one ...ok you guys guess. any 1 ///lol// mahurrn  shirt .. v day ...ha ha ha . that was taken on v day ..
 that  was on . fancy . i used wrk in cafe .it s was b day  partyof  gurl she used work wid me  was my first nd last  fancy dressed up . party . ever ..

 me nd yogi . my roomie b day party . we used have house party often when i was in ,uk,, life was so sexy man ... now here in melbounre dont ask me sucks ..
 i dont rember this pic much . i rember my best friend . abhi . s friend mum came . ohhh i rember now . was his birthday . i mean abhis birthday his friend mum came around ...
 that one my fav ...this little  cafe only like 8 ppl can sit one time was my fav ....  its run by . muslim family was amzing . we are like hardore ...often going customers it
  that my spanish frends . came over for my birthday u used spend lot of time wid them .  on my part time job. we all..used wrk . in hilton waiter.s
 that s short women . was my manger.. other young chic fillo. chick . she was fun too.  lady in black . she my very good friend . or u can say g.f . we used lot of time togther . coffe date . shoping date . she married now . with her .. scotish .bf.. so happy for her .. cant wait to see her next u magda

 that was on diwali fasival . wid monika .  guess how old she is . i hope she wont read this 45 .. can u belive it . omg .

this all . pic  which same outfit . was my birthday we went to see movie . was  awsome time all togther . stil make s me cry . how much  fun i had there ....these i going through  rough time but it will all sort it out soon ...


  1. Old Memories are Like OLd WINE.
    Dey GIve US SMooth refreshing Feeling Wid little Bit Of PAin......:o)

    LOVe D Ways U Used Pic In Ur BLOg.

    KEep ROcking Keep Writing .....:o)

    ZIMM = Name GIven By Me & Always USed By Me....:o)

    HUgs LOve A LOT......:o)

  2. thnkyou so much .. love u lot . huggzz ...

  3. Funny.. but i can see the innocence !!
    loved it.. Muah !!

  4. hey ya zimmy... loved ur collection n how u have portrayed in blog. ur my style guru. n looking forword to check u out more newer n sexier stuff..
    keep rocking!!!

    lob ya alwaz :D

  5. I second wid Neet In.......:o)

    Dere Is a innocence in Ur Writing.....:o)

    BE Always Like ZIMMy.........:o)

    innocence Sweet BABy.........<3

  6. motuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu...js wow