Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Life is cruel and unfair, my friends, and that is fact."- Stephan Jenkins (Chicago, 10-22-97)

march 22 nd..2011..tuesday {my vegetarian day }i did nt blog last ..3 dayz... life did nt change or anything happen past 3 day s,, more , trobles.. bad news just coming..  this year. its just killing me slowly .. i think it start showing on my face too..though i am good in hideing stuff.. what else do to .. no care now.  how much trouble you have . how much  pain you going through ....even not your best friend{i am nt saying then dont care at all. its just evry1 have so much .. going on their life...thay dont have time for your.. ofcourse.. if you tell them ... they will tell  you  nice words . make you feel better.. but now . u hareds those line. so many they does nt mean at all. .  i mean . they lost thier charm kinda..like..  say awww.. dont worry its just a time will  pass away soon.. be strong ...they doest not desrave you ...blah blah  ,,evry1 knows..but you the only who know , how much pain you going through ...how much think about that thing ...its killing  you each evryday ...you getting wrinkles  becuse of it ...but they just aww.. or some of friends.. t they ask you  again again ..  they should not do that becuse  evrytime. you tell its  weak down more.. some ppl just curious to know what happening in yuor life..they not why you sad.. they just curious. dude. what is thing making him/her sad.........once you tell them they have one words..awwwwwwww
seriously men . its  been worst   year for me. nd my family .. i just heard.. so many bad news. from friends.so much shit  going in thier life. make me cry ..

evryday i wake . ohh  today gonna be mircle.. today i gonna get some good news.. end of the day . i have a full of  . basket of bad news...it s this melbourne. in my room. shareing with dude. i  hardly talk to him..tootly do own things...its jsut so alone..seriously .. that fine i studying right now. which i alwys wanted to.. seriously i never ask for this life....

i am sure i done so much bad to someone . in my past life....

cool. enough with seriosus talk . its neverending story ... i just take when i been doing past three days. not relly anything intersting  though .

march 19 .. the day anil s birthday .. little  bit about anil.. is first friend  i made.. in , melbourne. amzing paersonlity .. best roomate i ever had.. very helpful.. very soft hearted. he help me . lot to settle down first place when i first came to melbourne. cant thank enough . to him . you the best . love u bitcha,

so his birthday .. me .. neena di ...{neena di is my flatmate..my  buddy..amzing beautiful gurl.i respect her lot like lot.actully we share amzing bonding ..it cant put in words..like we had sort of day..bad nd worst togther...but most of time she alwys been there for me..i call her di.{elder sister}.{i mean lot when i say this..} have a 3 old son aryan .
{which .is  best est  thing ,in house...my buddy , when .he , alwys.. sit next to me. talk about his day  remind.   how kids are so imported in ur life.he just amzing . love him lot ...

and his husband//  atul bhihya.. very soft spoken kind..nd .. goodlooking ...men... again i call him bhiya..{bro}so .we never get talk lot..he z elder to me..proberly . i have this  ,,not talk much ..again he works ...so . ya . we have this cool frends thing too. 

nd mini .{her younger sister }. well well. what can say about  we have so much coomon so uch common..i first most imp.. thing . fashion . is are life , we both study  fashion ..  we are like  best friends ...nd i trust her lot .. if are together we just laugh nd laugh , that wht happen i can say lot obout her . but .wont be enough .. 

so we all went shopping that day .. { iput up pic end of blog }.. to buy gift for . anil . was fun like alwys  are three s company  relly cool. we enjoy lot .. if we  were same skool. seriously .. would be like hell lot fun. sit together eat together ....so much,..
we  were back like by the evening . because we got be ready for anil bityhday party . we all looked smashing ,,, i got so drunk . was very a fun nit ...i met lot  ppl. i know them. was fun meeting them all..

had hungry  jacks way back home ...
20 th march 
all day in bed .. did nothing ....................
21 march ..

suposed go to skool . skool was opening after a week. guess what .  did nt go.... that day ,, day i did sum work .. i stylize my  jacket s nd stuff ..

22 nd march ,

skool . wake up 6.30..  in skool around 8 .45 ..nd start making my  new project ....relly exited because i am making this for myself , yippee .. i already done the pants .. making top now ...
. afternoon class got  canceled ...yippee. came back home 

 start watch this  disney movie l called .  THE NEVER-ENDING STORY ..  was fun......
nd roommate came ...start watching  movie on tv . wht else . i had wake up.. nd now i am doing my blog ..

so guys good nighty,,  be kind nd honest 

zimmy.c. xox
 damn i cant post pic x today ... i do  t next time  sorry .xoxo.i am on facebbok.. i have  all the picx there ..

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  1. This particular post.. kinda deja vu i can so relate to it ... just be patience and be calm..
    its works trust me.. its just a phase in life..
    everyone at some point undergoes this juncture of life..
    so cheer up and stay stylish :)