Thursday, 17 March 2011

DAY 2...DATE, 17 TH MARCH . 2011...

hey all..listen to song form indain mo vie called su baar .. nice song . on high volume .becuse . my room mate slurping noodels .i hate the noise . make me feel.. snatch  bowl from him...but i am nice guy  i wont  do that hee,,,

so importent stuff.. kiddes.., now . tooo much distraction  going on  fb wht i was saying ..i ll update this blog ...on daily basis .. wht going on stuff . wid ..other stuff . { that what i hoping for } let see , more imp,i ll be writing about my past  years ...  with pictures ...nd all..

so about today ..i woke up around { though i did nt wanna } becuse i was meeting super goreous friend belinda . we were going to see JEANSWEST SHOW ,,,{LOCAL  CASUALS BARND OF AUSTRLIA } shw was pretty amzing ...i saw my fav modal natasha .. wow she looked apart ..nd then we went to we both going through ,, money tight situation . lol..

there sum picx ,....have  fun. be honest kind . love .zimmy .c


  1. Awesm collectn...!!! i likd photogrphy....!!! keep it up...

  2. hey thnyu . so much . ankur . u awsome ...dude .. hug,,,xo

  3. Even I HAte NOodles.........I LIke Sushi.....I SO Wana HV NOW.......:P

    BTw INtresting show...i So Wana HV dose Black LONg Shoes.......:o)

    Dat Model in Red Coat or F**King BEautiful n Love d Pic NO 11. n d LAst ONE....:o)

    I Wana BE Dere On Ramp.....:P


  4. she smantha .. she awsome looking very famous . i love her....the long yup i like it lot anu ....i love noodles too. cant handle how my room mate